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Discussion 1.1: On the discussion forum, describe your expectations on finding law from anywhere in the world by use of the internet. Why is it important to have a uniform method of citation of that law?

The present guide is proposed to clarify why the Internet is valuable for legitimate research, and portray a portion of the significant assets accessible on the Internet for investigating the law of the United States and different nations, relative law, and global law. It will finish up with a few hints for the net-voyaging scientist The Internet is a modest contrasting option to the utilization of business databases, for example, LEXIS and WEST LAW for discovering essential lawful materials, for example, U.S. government and state statutes, bills, cases, and controls. In some cases these materials are accessible more rapidly on the Internet than on LEXIS and WEST-LAW (particularly on the off chance that they identify with the Law of Cyberspace/The Internet, Computer Law, Immigration Law, the First Amendment and oversight, Communications Law,Intellectual Property, real criminal and different well known preliminaries, Antitrust Law, races, or other interesting issues). What’s more, in some cases, the Internet is the main place where you will locate some essential materials, for example, enactment and case law from foreign countries, arrangements including non-U.S. nations, email addresses and other catalog data for legitimate experts around the world, and materials in territories of law that have been customarily underrepresented in print and electronic lawful distributions (ladies and the law, human rights, the privileges of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transgendered individuals, law and writing (for example, e-writings of Jane Austen’s compositions), Roman law, law and mainstream culture, and so on.), and non-lawful materials that are critical to law work or interdisciplinary research.

The Internet can expand a normal law library’s assets by giving interchange duplicates of print materials, and data that can’t be found in the law library in print or electronic organization. For example, here are a few cases of the kinds of assets that are on the Internet: registration data, uniform and model acts; news; distributers’ inventories; overall library lists; tables of substance of diaries; full content of articles from electronic law and non-law diaries; books, (for example, the Classics); book shops (Barrister Books (scholastic reading material), Amazon, and so forth.), verse; Shakespeare’s works; Classical music; Bartlett’s Quotations; tune verses; funny cartoons; tax documents; sports data, (for example, proficient baseball and ball players compensations and other b-ball data); travel data; authoritative archives (transcripts of hearings, reports, briefs, memoranda, protests, arraignments, oral contentions, and so on.). The Internet is most grounded for non-legitimate materials, and for lawful materials that are generally not found or won’t be accessible as fast on LEXIS and WESTLAW and print productions in your law library.

It is conceivable to be overpowered by the horde of assets accessible on the Internet (and in print and electronic arrangements for the most part). It is astonishing how much law-related data is distributed! A decent approach is to have an examination plan, and in case you’re dubious where to start, ask your curator, a partner or another person who may be comfortable with your legitimate research theme. Furthermore, recall that occasionally the fun stuff on the Internet isn’t valuable for taking a break in work, yet additionally can enable you to wind up more productive and comfortable and OK with utilizing assets on the Internet for legitimate research. So investigate anything you’re keen on

Discussion 1.2: On the discussion forum, describe your expectations on finding law from anywhere in the world by use of the internet. Why is it important to have a uniform method of citation of that law?

When it comes to law, every country from across the world has some set rules and regulations that govern the operations of its citizens. Some laws are universal in the sense that some particular actions are unacceptable and punishable regardless of where you are in the world. A good example of crimes that are unacceptable worldwide is murder and other crimes against humanity. However, some laws are not somehow independent in the sense that each country has their own preferences regarding some topics. For example, smoking marijuana could be illegal in one state and acceptable in the neighboring state. Therefore, is there a need for finding law from anywhere in the world by use of the internet? What is the importance of having a uniform method of citation of that law?

In most countries, the fact that you didn’t know about the existence of a particular law is not reason enough to excuse you from facing the consequences. Therefore, it is important to have a uniform method of citation to minimize worldwide clashes of law. One other importance of this law is that it unifies the world and it can be used to draw clear lines on cybercrimes where the area of an event is never that clear. This is where the internet comes in.

In conclusion, many people get away with cybercrimes due to the blurred lines surrounding the nature of their crimes. Putting in place a uniform method of citation of the law would largely help in controlling such situations. Outlining the law on the internet can save a lot of time used to contact several countries for clarifications during convictions. In order for this to happen, the different stakeholders from each country should be involved in this process to discourage feelings of discrimination while encouraging unison in the lawmaking process.

Note: Please write each Reply in a different word document.

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