Reply to:According to research attention is “the taking possession of the mind, in clear and vivid form, of one out of what appear to be multiple simultaneously possible objects or trains of thought” (Makovski, Hommel, & Humphreys, 2014). A selective filter is used in both later and earlier attention selection, and it is responsible for extracting attended information for further processing while filtering out unattended information. “Both models imply that the initial processing of all inputs occurs in parallel before to the bottleneck filter, after which the selected information is submitted to more in-depth analysis” (Makovski, Hommel, & Humphreys, 2014). With regard to attention selection models, one of the primary differences between early and late attention selection models is the selective filter known as the bottleneck. It is assumed that the bottleneck occurs early in the processing process, toward the end of the stimulus presentation, according to the early selection paradigm. Models of late selection attention, on the other hand, place the bottleneck much closer to the point where the answer is being processed. When a large number of people are conversing around you on the bus, but you are interested in a single conversation and are able to ignore those around you, this is an example of an early selection model of attention. Identifying which information is relevant and which is not. When a person is attending to one conversation and their name is mentioned in another conversation in a different room, if they are able to hear their name, they will move to the other talk. This is known as late selection.

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