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The significant elements of school governance structure that allow for the development and maintenance of relationships between board, school staff, and community is collaboration, communication, authenticity, respect, trustworthiness, and organizational skills. According to GCU (2013), to permit school systems to thrive, school leaders establish professional partnerships with the governing board and develop the skills to foster relationship management. Collaboration between the board, superintendent, principals, and staff can positively affect student achievement, set high expectations, and focus on instructional improvement for all students. In addition, working at an alternative school, fostering relationships with businesses and leaders within the community is crucial for resources and opportunities for our students.

The element that has the greatest influence is the collaboration of every individual involved within his or her school district. Collaboration allows each individual to foster the relationships that affect student achievement and growth within their district. Fostering the relationships with board members and business leaders in the community leads to more resources and opportunities for students. Furthermore, the school district cannot operate on their own, and need the relationships between the district leaders and the local community to ensure the success of every student that walk through their doors.



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