this module consisting of a 4000‐word report on, and analysis of, education practice in two cross‐cultural settings (100%).

option1-You will formulate a discussion of educational practice in two cross-cultural settings drawn from your own independent inquiry and engagement with relevant academic and other literatures. Having examined each example, students will be expected to reflect upon the extent to which education can be viewed as a global and local concept.

Option 2 – Write an essay addressing the following statement: ‘The 21st Century child is a globalised child. Discuss’. In your answer make reference to educational research literature.

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Word count: The word count should include headings, tables, citations, quotations, and lists, but should exclude the title page, abstract, table of content, reference list and appendixes. For this assignment, you are required to submit 4,000 words. Please refer to the Undergraduate handbook (on the left-hand side) for the margins over and under this word count.

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