Reply to two of your classmates with strategies, suggestions, or answers to questions/concerns posted in the initial post, utilizing material from the course as well as experience.Response 1Job Search Process: One question I would have in regards to the job search process is do I start out my career in a family practice, or do I take some additional classes and work in an emergency room or urgent care setting? One concern I have is our book discussed the restrictive covenant as a promise not to compete with other practices within a certain number of miles after leaving that practice (Buppert, 2018). I live in an area that has many practices in close proximately to each other as this could become challenging if it holds truth in the state of Florida.Interviewing: Is bringing a portfolio best when going on an interview? One concern would be going on an interview and they don’t meet my standards with patient care, have a hard time retaining staff, and they are not personable with their patient’s and staff. Ethical education supports team base building in the delivery of patient care, foster mutual respect for one another, and provide skills that cultivate shared decision making with awareness of everyone’s professional values and concerns (Ulrich & Zhou, 2014).Negotiation: As a new practitioner negotiation will be difficult with no experience. How many patients in a family practice can I see per hour? Will I need to have a consultation between every patient with the physician in the office prior to ordering or prescribing medications? My concerns with negotiation would be how to negotiate fair salary as a new practitioner and benefits. The reading states it is best to negotiate individually rather than as a group when it comes to salary and knowing ahead of time what benefits you would need in advance (Buppert, 2018). Having a good idea of median salaries for APRN’s is also beneficial but this is not always accurate as the results are based off of surveys.Response 21.      Job search processThe job process can be tedious process. My concern is that being a new NP that the job market might be saturated with NPs. It might be difficult to get the dream job of your choice right out of NP school. It reminded me of when I graduated from nursing school years ago. The first job I was offered was at a hospital on the med /floor. The job was dreadfully awful and I left after 6 months. I reside in CT. It’s a very small New England State. The thought of restrictive covenants is one I wouldn’t agree with a contract offered by an employer because finding a job would make it much more difficult with limiting my access to other jobs.2.     InterviewingMy concern would be who is at the interview, will they be health care professionals that have the same background and experience that I have. Or will it be other disciplines with different experience and hold different licensees other than MH (mental health) in leadership overseeing me as a supervisor. Many things just can’t be measured accurately during an interview including many technical skills, team skills, intelligence, attitude, and physical skills. Also what kind of interview questions will they ask because Many things just can’t be measured accurately during an interview including many technical skills, team skills, intelligence, attitude, and physical skills.3.      NegotiationAs an NP negotiating your wages, contract, benefits are a big part of future job employments. Concerns would include determining the worth of my salary, negotiating the number of patients seen every day and week, will they pay for CE (continue education), will they allow for time off to attend national conferences, will pay me fairly and at an adequate salary based on market averages. If I am working for a company, will I be able to independently make my own decisions and to the full extent of my scope of practice. Will I be able to negotiate my contract and counterproposal their language if there is something I don’t agree with or wasn’t discussed?

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