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Compare the scientific opportunities for long-term exploration offered by the Moon and Mars – what types of scientific research could be done more effectively on one of those worlds than on earth?

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Given the easier access that we have to the moon, humans have already walked the moon’s surface, it would be easier for us to continue studying the moon. From a logistical stand point it would be much easier to access and explore the moon due to it’s accessibility. Although we have studied the moon for a longer period of time and more in depth, scientists believer there is plenty of research left to do. Also, any research that would be best conducted with a human on the ground will obviously be best suited for the moon considering we have yet to land someone on mars and that possibility is still years away.

2. What difficulties would there be in establishing a permanent base or colony on each of these two worlds? Consider the logistical and habitation requirements to establish and maintain any long-term human colonies.

One major difficulty would be gravity. The gravity on the moon is much less than earth’s gravity, but is also much less than mars’ gravity. The moon has very long days, around 28 earth days, whereas mars has days similar in length to ours. Mars also has similar seasons to earth with less extreme temperature variances. The moon has little to no atmosphere which would do less to protect humans from harmful radiation. Mars has less of an atmosphere than earth, but it is still more than the moon which scientists say “could” allow some above ground habitation.

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Describe the differences in the chemical makeup of the inner and outer parts of the solar system. What is the relationship between what the planets are made of and the temperature where they formed?

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