please respond to jane with 120 words :

According to me, human nature is morally good as any circumstance that we are put under, whether naturally occurring or not, we are constantly learning from it. I believe that our instinctively pursued actions are a product of spontaneous thought. We generalize that humans only have bad intentions, when in actuality, the intentions of the population are good. If people only intended hurting others, our society would be under chaos. However, when looking at the bigger picture, the deeds done by others greatly outweigh the errors. We have a choice to be who we anticipate to be but this is also dependent on our development environment. Humans rely on multiple sources, one of these being religion. The belief that a symbol of a higher power can encourage people to perform rightfully is prominent in religion-heavy populations. I necessarily would not address these people as ‘wimps’ but instead individuals that seek harmony by being a socially construct.

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