for this assignment please respond to lindsay with 150 words

Abortion is defined as the long and careful consideration or discussion termination of an human being. A person is defined as a human being considered as an individual. I believe there is circumstances that abortion should be legal. I am not saying abortion is right or wrong or black and white. I see abortion in the grey. I believe when things like rape or abuse happen, a women should have the right to make up her mind about abortion without feeling any guilt. In the bible, God said that animals are there for us to consume. I do not believe we should kill for fun. I think that when we do kill the animals to eat, we need to make sure we are using all of the animal. That why we are not being wasteful in what we kill. I do think killing an animal for sport is completely wrong. I do not believe that a human embryo is worth more than an animal. I think all life matters, but we should consider what is actually alive. An embryo is not a fetus until after implantation. A personhood is the condition of being an individual. An animal is not consider an individual and a person is. I do believe that animals should have more rights, but I dont believe animals have a soul which is why I believe a personhood is a status only a human should have.

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