For this assignment answer the following 5 questions :

Lesson 1 Reading Resource Attached :

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Question 1

Report on your set task.

SET TASK Activity 1 Find a place where you can watch children of varying ages at play in a non supervised situation (i.e. with no play leader, teacher or parent etc, exercising control over what they do). For example this may be a playground in a park, or school ground; or children playing at home (indoors or out). Visit this place on two separate occasions, and observe (if possible) 3 or more children at play on each occasion, for a period of half an hour or more. Observe the interaction between different children and their environment, as well as the interaction between each other. After returning home, make notes of what you observe. Caution: You should be aware of social norms and legal restrictions that may affect what you may or may not do in your country. In some places it may not be legal to observe children in certain ways without formal approval. We do not encourage anyone to break the law or in any way contravene social norms. If you are restricted in what you can observe, you may need to first obtain permission, or perhaps make observations of children from a distance and for shorter periods (e.g. visiting a shopping centre and taking note of the way different children behave as you walk around the shops).

What did you observe?

In what way did children of different ages play differently?

Did the children do anything that they appeared to tire of? Is so what? Why would you guess they tired?

Write about half a page or 250 words.

Question 2

Why is play important to the cognitive development of a child? Write a paragraph or two.

Question 3

In what way might inappropriate play opportunities as a child result in physical developmental problems for an adult? Suggest an example. Write a paragraph or two.

Question 4

How can social play (or the lack of it) in a child impact upon that child when they become an adult? Write a paragraph or two.

Question 5

What similarities and differences are there between free play and playing a very imaginative computer game? Write a paragraph or two.

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