The US Constitution clearly defines the powers given to the Federal Government and to the States. To make it very clear and flexible, the Tenth Amendment says any powers not specifically spelled out for the Federal Government, will be left for the states. However, many state rights have been eventually taken over by the feds, like education. There are conflicts, too, for example, where many states have passed laws to legalize the use of Marijuana while at the same time the Federal government says its illegal.The Federal Government always trumps the states. (Pardon the pun)

I think that as our country has grown so much and there is so much diversity in our populations in each state, I am in favor of giving the States more power and the Federal government less power. It makes sense to me because the Federal law makers are mostly in New York and Washington DC and many live in Virginia. They are not very familiar with farmers in Wyoming or Nebraska nor do they understand what’s been going on in California with immigration, and many other things. The rulers seem to be East Coast elites and very narrow what they really care about and legislate on. Year after year I am shocked at the things the Federal government cares about and what they ignore. The feds wanted what I call Obama Care, but I am not sure if the states wanted that burden. The feds demanded that everyone get health insurance, yet many states were not able to handle the increase of patients who came for care since there was not an increase in medical staff to aid all those patients, but did the federal lawmakers care about this?? Apparently not. If the states, individually could come up with their own health care rules, I think it would be more logical and beneficial. Also, in regards to immigration, I also consider it a local problem or benefit. The elites on the East Coast have their own immigration problems and it seems like they do not really understand the problem in California. Certainly, states like North Dakota and Wyoming do not have immigration problems (or expenses) like we have in California, so how does a Federal law affect them? I am not in favor of re-writing the Constitution, but, I think we need a few changes in the form of Amendments. The states need to take back some of their rights.

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