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Student paper down below:

In the past decade, technology and information systems have become more integrated into the law enforcement community.Most officers are now equipped with a laptop in their patrol vehicle that allows them to access criminal records, DMV records, GPS, and dispatch information.Since these laptops are remotely connected to a multitude of databases and dispatch information, while also being connected to their internet, these systems allow the officers to be able to research and determine the proper policies, procedures and regulations.These systems should also have information management principles enacted.The principles of information management fall into 5 components which are “utilization, accessibility, sharing, quality and security” (Accenture Institute for Health & Public Service Value, 2010).For the law enforcement community, it is imperative for high level of transparency of policy, procedure and regulations for the public, but it is also imperative that officers have the ability to access the department policies, procedures and regulations.Thus the components of accessibility and sharing are important to ensure that they are properly managed.Both accessibility and sharing ensure that the officers have the ability to access and share any policy, procedure or regulation, which will allow officers to disseminate the proper information.It is also important that any policies, procedures or regulations that the officers have access to are the same documents that the public has access to.

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The implementation and use of a data library would be extremely helpful for officers to have access to.Ideally, the Information Technology team that helps to set up the patrol laptops should create a desktop portal to the data library, so the officers only have to click on the portal and immediately have access to the data library.The library should only contain policies, procedures and regulations which require no security measures.In addition, the library should be broken down by policy relevance with an interactive file system that groups certain policies together and also has a search tab allowing the officer to search certain policy words.The procedures and regulations should also have interactive tabs that could group the procedures by the situation such as procedures for dealing with someone that has mental illness.The data library should be easily accessed and extremely user-friendly using icons, so the officer does not have to try and read the list while conducting their patrol.

Lastly, the addition of training portals on their patrol laptops would be very helpful.This would allow officers to receive annual training on use of force policy, or disperse training on any new policies that have been added or changed.Many officers may be hesitant to do training while in their vehicles because it would cause they to not maintain focus on their patrol sector, but they could be given a large window for the completion to be done.Also, it is better than having officers come in on their off days to complete annual or policy training.

As the American public demands more of their police officers, transparency and policy will become more important.It will become important to show their communities that the officers are receiving annual training on use of force and additional training on any policy changes that occur.This will not stop use of force incidents from occurring but it will help to show the public that those officers involved in the incident followed departmental policy for such an altercation, which will hopefully help to calm the community.

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