Respond to one of your colleagues’ posts:

  • Who made similar choices to compare and contrast? Explain the similarities or differences in your experience.
  • Explain the clarity of the connection between your colleague’s research question and choice of data collection methods. Is there another method that could be considered? Be sure to provide your rationale.

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4 days ago

Kastina Hayes

RE: Discussion 2 – Week 8


Main Question Post.

Strengths of Two Methods

Interviews and focus groups are two great data collection methods. Interviews are a one-on-one method of collecting data. Focus groups come together as a group as a means of collecting data. Interview sessions are confidential and participants feel safe sharing in this controlled environment. Focus groups are confidential as well. Some participants who share freely encourages the more shy participants to speak up. According to Krueger and Casey (2000), participants in focus groups feel less threatened in the group setting. For instance, a participant may be more willing to share in a group environment with individuals who share the same experience as him or her. The main difference between interviews and focus groups is the rich data that comes from focus groups because of the sharing nature of focus groups (Kennedy, Kools, & Krueger, 2001). Conversely, more in-depth data comes from interviews because of the intimate setting of interviews (Kennedy et al., 2001).

Weakness of Two Methods

Interview settings may restrict participants from opening up because participants may not feel too comfortable speaking to a complete stranger. The one-on-one setting with a stranger who is asking a bunch of questions may intimidate a shy participant. Focus group settings may not be ideal for some participants because some participants may be shy or timid about sharing in a group setting. According to Kennedy, Kools, and Krueger (2001), a major drawback in focus groups is the possibility of one participant clinging on the experiences of other participants without sharing him or herself.

Experiences and Challenges

While I have not yet conducted a focus group, the interview was both exciting and nerving at the same time. Even though I had rehearsed the questions, my nerves got the best of me and I did stumble over a few questions. I found that it was a bit difficult to take notes during the interview. The silence while I took notes was a bit awkward. That made me more nervous. Asking the participant to repeat some parts of her sentence increased the anxiety. Although I knew the interview was being recorded, I just wanted to take very detailed notes.

How to Align RQs to Content Collection Choices (justification)

My research topic is childhood sexual abuse. I believe interviews and focus groups are the best data collection methods for my research topic and I believe these data collection choices will align properly with my research questions. Focus groups are a quick and efficient way of obtaining qualitative data (Krueger & Casey, 2000). From my experience from Major Assignment 1, I believe that focus groups will produce more participants (Krueger, 2000). The more participants I have, the more qualitative data I will have to work with.


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