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Resume and Cover Letter:(15 pts)

Drafting a resume will assist the student to record and evaluate activities and achievements that promote one’s professional nursing abilities. Students are to compose a 1-2 page resume outlining basic biographical information, formal education, and work experiences(s). Additional subject areas include professional licensure and certifications; membership in professional organizations; honors or awards; publications/presentations; continuing education; and hobbies. Students are encouraged to review information from the course, other texts, and Internet resources to assist them in compiling an effective resume that is professional in appearance and content.

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This should include an overview of your career. Please identify the positions you have held, your responsibilities, and skills that you have developed. List your positions in reverse chronological order. The cover letter is one page; expresses the reason for your interest in the position, as well as highlighting your personal strengths and qualifications. It must be computer-generated, in formal letter format, and written in business language.(Appendix B – Grading Rubric Resume/Cover Letter)

  • High quality (e.g. formal business format, overall appearance) (4 pts.)
  • Use of business language (2 pts.)
  • Spelling/grammar/syntax (2 pts.)
  • Follows general resume or cover letter writing guidelines (3 pts.)
  • Resume includes appropriate categories; content of cover letter expresses interest, highlights personal strengths, and qualifications (4 pts.)

Personal strategic plan and career path/ vision for your future: (10 pts)

  • Identify your basic underlying core values and beliefs or principles
  • Determine your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • Map out your career goals – project your title, salary, and responsibilities along the following time line:
  • If I could be what I want according to the following timeline what would it be?

1 year from now

2-3 years

5 years

10 years

20 years

At retirement

Please feel free to contact me for information regarding the cover letter and resume, thank you.

NB: This is a discussion board. APA format

In response to this week’s reading assignments, please select 2 of the following questions to respond to. Please post your response and discuss with your peers.1. Compare and contrast the role of mentor, preceptor, and role model. Discuss your experiences in serving in these roles and working with individuals in these roles. How have these experiences with these key personnel helped shape your nursing/health care career. If you were selected to serve as a preceptor for a student nurse/health care professional, what traits/characteristics would be important to possess and what strategies would you identify to succeed. How important are preceptorship/ mentor programs to new graduates.2. In light of economic conditions and cost cutting measures occurring in the health care industry across the US, identify strategies for creating a motivating environment. Identify positive reinforcement techniques that may be used by a manager. Identify how nurse leaders can help others maintain job satisfaction given the current climate.3. Identify components of effective communication, barriers to effective communication and nonverbal methods to improve communication. What patterns of communication do you most consistently use – passive, aggressive, assertive, passive-aggressive. Are your communication techniques effective, why or why not. In what ways if any, would you improve your communication techniques and how.4. Discuss the effect of the unionization of nurses. Identify factors that will influence whether or not nurses join unions. Discuss the role of unions within the nursing profession. In your opinion, have unions helped or hurt the nursing profession and why. Would you join a union, why or why not? Do you have any personal experience with unions. How do organizations perceive nursing unions and are they supportive or resistant to unionization and why?Have a great week!
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