Review the two different articles/study on fitness and respond with feedback or provide further analysis based on facts. Each response requires 100 or more word count. No references required and NO PLAGIARISM!!!

1. Fitness is an outcome of being physically active, and is essential if the body is going to function at its optimum level (Corbin, Welk, Corbin, & Welk, 2012).Physical fitness consists of two components that are necessary to achieve quality of life; they are health related fitness components and skill related fitness components.The dimensions of health related fitness include body composition, strength, muscle endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and flexibility.It is essential to possess at least a moderate level of these components in order to promote good health.The dimensions of skill related fitness are agility, power, coordination, speed, reaction time, and balance.Skill related fitness affects performance more so than health.Without these two components, it is difficult for the body to work effectively, be able to relax adequately to de-stress, and to be physically healthy.Too little activity or exercise puts the body at a greater level of risk for “heart disease, low back pain, Type II diabetes, and obesity” (Corbin et al, 2012, p. 7).In order to achieve and maintain good health and wellness, it is necessary to have good physical fitness.

2. Fitness is the body’s ability to function efficiently and effectively. It consists of at least five health related and six skilled related components; each of which contributes to total quality of life. Physical fitness is associated with a person’s ability to work effectively, enjoy leisure time, be healthy, and resist hypokinetic diseases or conditions; and meet emergency situations. It is related to, but different from health and wellness. Although the development of physical fitness is the result of many things, optimal physical fitness is not possible without regular physical activity. The benefits of physical fitness also include metabolic fitness and bone integrity. Physical fitness also has other affects such as health, wellness, psychological, sociological, emotional/mental health, and spiritual components. Physical fitness is important to physically and mentally to a person’s life as well helping to fight diseases and conditions.

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