hello I want someone to write this text with easy language and with no silent letter, I want exactly same meaning.”Earley et al, 2014, conducted a study supporting the use of mindfulness as a long-term treatment for PTSD. He carried out a longitudinal study lasting for two and a half years on 19 adult participants who were child abuse survivors. They participated in a MBSR program lasting 3 hours, which consisted of the intervention, a questionnaire, and an interview. After the intervention, results showed significant long-term improvements in participants’s scores of PTSD, anxiety and depression. Mindfulness improves the PTSD symptoms as the intervention progressed as results showed a decrease after 2.5 years, compared to before intervention. In addition to Kyle et al, (2016) that has been previously mentioned, a weakness of mindfulness is that it may not specifically target re-experiencing. However, in this study, the symptom of re-experiencing was significantly decreased  2 and half years after the intervention, suggesting that with time all PTSD facets can be targeted.”

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