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The impact of nosocomial infections.

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1. I choose this topic to engage and inform my readers about the vicious nature of hospital acquired infections, how it attacks a patient’s immune system, replicates, while reprograming itself to become extremely resistant to medications, with the hope of taking total control of their victim’s immune system. As hospital acquired infections such as staphylococcus are becoming more and more resistant, healthcare workers need to play their part in the fight against them. According to Arefian, H. et al (2016) “hospital acquired infections are associated with increased health care cost, owing primarily to increased hospital length of stay”. I believe to fight its also important to know what it cost to treat one of such infections, the increase in length and time of hospital stay for that patient who wants to get home in time for thier granddaughter wedding, and the possibility of accidentally infecting the patient next door.

Research for this topic if presented and put in to practice by my organization and coworkers, will be a win for all, firstly for the patients who will not be put in harm’s way and for the hospital who will save money towards other projects since hospital acquire infections while at the hospital is paid for by that hospital.


I have chosen to talk about nurse fatigue because too often I have seen new nurses come into the field and become fatigued quickly. Their empathy begins to wear down and they become lazy in their work and too comfortable taking the easy route and not going the extra mile for their patients anymore. This is an issue I have witnessed at multiple settings. I would like to say it is just based on management of the unit but I believe it is an issue around the board. I have seen nurses never take out a stethoscope to examine patients in my practice. This is saddening when our core is built on a strong assessment. Not only that the patient begins to suffer, not getting the time and attention they deserve. When all went to nursing school and learn that teaching begins at admission, but why is it I have seen patients that come in with a new diagnosis of diabetes and at the time of discharge I am scrambling to complete 3 days worth of education in order to discharge my patient? I have chosen to write about this topic because as you can see I am very passionate about patient care and would like to find out more information about why nurses become so lackadaisical in their roles and let our patients down.

“Nurse fatigue is defined by the American Nurses Association (ANA) as impaired function resulting from physical labor or mental exertion. There are three types of fatigue: physiological (reduced physical capacity), objective (reduced productivity) and subjective (weary or unmotivated feeling).” (Brunt, 2017)


Felicia, as you explore hand-hygiene, how would you advocate for funding to support this nursing focused research? Dr. Davis 

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