Scientific article writing methodology is important not only for university professors or graduate students. Modern students carry out a lot of research in the course of their studies, the most voluminous of which are diploma and term papers. Besides, students often take part in academic conferences, scientific readings, and academic competitions. To become a participant in such events and be among the authors of the collection of abstracts, which is almost always published as a result of such conferences, a student needs to have the skills of writing a scientific article.

Methodology is referred as the overarching rationale and strategy of your research. Methodology development involves research method studying used in your field and the theories that underpin them, this helps to choose the approach that best suits your objectives.

Methods said to be the specific tools and procedures that one use on collecting and analyzing data (e.g. experiments, interviews, surveys, statistical tests).

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Usually, a scientific advisor helps in conducting research and preparing a scientific article based on its results. But it is useful for the student himself to familiarize himself with the method of writing a scientific article because there is always a possibility that he will have to do the work completely independently.

It should be borne in mind that each area of ​​research is different. Humanities, technical or natural sciences may have their own unique requirements for scientific work. However, there are also universal academic rules, which will be discussed below.

Stages of Scientific Article Writing Methodology

When writing a Scientific article writing methodology, one should start by choosing a topic or even just a direction, the very idea of ​​research. Of course, it is important to remember the novelty and relevance of the topic. However, it is equally important that the object of research be interesting to the student and be a promising direction for further scientific activity.

Once the topic has been identified, it’s time to move on to drawing up a research plan. To do this, you should start by studying the literature (monographs in the library, current and recent articles on the topic on the Internet). The results of this activity should be a plan for a future article and rough sketches on the topic. It is recommended to submit a draft article for approval to the supervisor and, after his approval, proceed directly to writing the article.

Research Structure on Scientific Article Writing MethodologyArticle Writing Methodology

  • Write an introduction. Here it will be necessary to justify the choice of the topic and object of study, to say about their relevance and the novelty of their approach, to prescribe goals and set tasks.
  • Put forward a hypothesis of work (based on the studied literature).
  • Conduct practical research (experience, experiment, observation, calculation).
  • Summarize the results obtained and formulate a conclusion.
  • Make a list of used literature in alphabetical order.

Several Nuances When Writing a Scientific Article Methodology

  1. Articles intended for publication in publications must necessarily have annotations and keywords.
  2. Any scientific article intended for publication must contain footnotes. It is recommended to do them at least 3-4.
  3. Moderate citation on the topic of authoritative sources is also encouraged.
  4. You need to express your thoughts in a scientific language, you need to use special terminology.
  5. The recommended length (8-10 pages) should be observed and the text should not be overloaded with details and additional topics.

The main thing to remember is that writing any scientific article, among other things, is a creative process. Therefore, a researcher needs to choose an interesting and close topic for himself. With inspiration and enthusiasm, one can make a real scientific discovery.

The methodology should include sources and references that support your choice of methods and procedures, compared to the literature review that provides a general outlook and framework for your study.

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