Primarily, scientific article writing requirements depends on where the article will be published. When it comes to university collections, student publications, and so on, the rules may not be as strict as in the case when the material is planned to be published in a serious academic journal.

For the publication of scientific articles in publications that are recommended, the text of the research must meet strict requirements. Moreover, the prescriptions relate to both content and external design.

Scientific Article Writing Requirements

The publication of which is planned in the journals.

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  1. Not a too long, succinct and understandable name, reflecting the essence of the work.
  2. Author’s information (full name, academic degrees and titles, place of study or work, city, country. Students indicate the data of their supervisor).
  3. The text should contain a short annotation.
  4. List of keywords.
  5. Introductory part.
  6. The main text of the study.
  7. List of references.

When writing a scientific article for a student collection or a serious scientific journal, you should start by choosing a topic.

This is not an easy task. The article research topic must satisfy several mandatory requirements. It should be a relevant topic and should give interest to the scientific community in solving the problems posed in the work. Another requirement for the topic of a scientific article is the novelty or difference of the research from other similar ones. Finally, the topic should be revealed in a unique text.

Another recommendation is not to choose too broad a topic for a scientific article. Even if the subject of research is global, some separate aspect should be highlighted for the article.

The fact being that the length of a scientific article is, as a rule, from 8 to 10 pages. It is necessary to be able to disclose the topic within this volume, as well as to comply with the structure of the study.

Structure of a Scientific Article

Work on the structure should start with drawing up an outline of the article, which will help to logically build the text and not miss anything important. The plan will include the mandatory elements of the structure of the text of a scientific article:

  1. Introduction, which includes the formulated goal and objectives of the work, justification of relevance and novelty.
  2. The theoretical part.
  3. The results of research, calculations, experiments, the results of the application of techniques.
  4. Conclusion, in which it is imperative to write about the result with which the goal set at the beginning of the study was achieved.
  5. List of specialized literature.

Scientific ArticleWhere to publish a scientific article?

If we are talking about student research work, then it makes sense to pay attention to the publications included in the list of the Science Citation Index (SCI), as well as to collections of articles that are published as a result of student research conferences. For a graduate student applying for a scientific degree, a mandatory requirement will be published in reputable journals permitted.

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