Self-monitoring is an aspect of self-regulation. Both are metacognitive strategies with which students with learning disabilities and ADHD struggle. At issue here is the concept of external vs internal locus of control. Educators should be very concerned with helping students to develop self-regulation skills that lead to an internal locus of control and further independent learning.

For the next 7 days we are going to practice self-monitoring and self-recording. As you go through this exercise think of how you might adapt or apply this to students you may work with in the future.

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Select an area of your life which you would like to improve. This could be academics, work, home life, or health.

List several things you could try to improve your life in this area.

Select one that you will commit to do each day for the next 7 days. We are all going to actually do this so pick one you really want to try.

This must be something that is visible or measurable by others. An observer of you should be able to say without a doubt that you did it or did not do it.

List any specifics that will lead to better observations. Example: if I say that I will study for 2 hours each day, do these have to happen all at once or can I do it in small increments?

Whatever you select should be obvious that it happened or did not happen; these are actions not thoughts.

The action you select must be positive, achievable, personal, and specific.

Once you have selected what you intend to monitor, share your plan with one other student or a friend. Your partner should provide you feedback about whether or not what you selected is positive, achievable, personal, and specific.

Once each day make a checkmark if you completed your activity; decide now when you will do this part. Leave it blank if you did not.

Comments: SWLD and ADHD need help with goal setting; the peer partner is meant to be supportive to each other in the process; 32-days has been found to be the amount of time necessary to form a strong habit; we must reinforce the process of self-monitoring; success in this builds self-efficacy and self-esteem.

Keep track of this between now and when we meet next week. Bring this checklist to class.

Recording Sheet

Goal Area: ___________________________________________

Specific Objective (that you are committing to daily):




Not Completed
















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