Question Description

Problem Statement

The purpose of this research is to be able to provide solutions to the new modern car that is to be developed. They are several issues which are arising and they have to be addressed before the actual implementation has begun. One of the main problems is how the new developments will be implemented.

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The research will consider, on the various ways the user of the car will enjoy the added features which is not common in other cars. The research also will have to focus on how to maximize space and use the available resource to be able to design a full functioning car without necessarily buying or using materials obtained from elsewhere. For the WIFI part we will have to consider the availability and reliability of the network. We will also consider the kind of WIFI technology to be used to avoid instance where the car user goes past a certain geographical area the internet gets disconnected, such issues will have to be addressed with caution.

After completion the project will be have considerable significance since it will have addressed some issues which are common in most cars. For example during raining seasons car owners spend a lot of money washing their cars due to the availability of mud, which at times can be annoying. The shoe shelves will also prevent the car carpet from stinking, which is caused by stepping on it using wet shoes. With a our new modern car, such problems will have been addressed since the owner will have a shoe shelf which will be located underneath the car seat in order to maximally use the available space available.

Another major thing the research will address is regarding the security of the car owner. The ignition switch will have a finger print scanner which will be used to identify the real owner of the vehicle and this will significantly reduce car theft within the world. Given ample time and available resources, the project is viable and it will have solved many problems car owners are going through.

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