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respond to the prompt below in approximately one paragraph per relationship type. Explain and justify your answers. Theories Mentioned this chapter :

Basics of Equity Theory and Dimensions of commitment

  1. Want to: This type of commitment reflects our desire to stay in the relationship because we find our partner and the relationship appealing.
  2. Have to: This type of commitment may come from a recognition that there aren’t any better options for us or that ending would be too difficult (either because of the relational partner of the reactions of others outside of the relationship).
  3. Ought to: The final type of commitment is more focused on obligation to stay in the relationship, perhaps because of perceived responsibilities for the relational partner or for the relationship itself. Knapp et al. (2013) state that this type of commitment may seem less desirable, but that it can be very important when relational partners are struggling. Expanding on the want to type of commitment, Knapp et al. (2013) describe six dimensions of this type of commitment. These dimensions, discussed below, are all ways that commitment in a relationship can be positively impacted.
  4. Rewarding future: This dimension focuses on how much we believe that there is positive and beneficial future for the relational partners if the relationship continues. Talking about the future in a positive way can also increase commitment.
  5. Identifying with the relationship: This dimension of commitment focuses on how much we integrate the relationship into our identities. This may be displayed through our use of “we” instead of “I” (a change we discussed occurring in the intensifying stage of relational escalation.
  6. Fewer attractive alternatives: Our commitment to a relationship can increase if we see fewer attractive options besides our partner. This may include dismissing other possible alternatives and expressing this dismissal to our relational partner.
  7. Willing to work: As we discussed previously, maintaining relationships takes very real work. This dimension of commitment refers to our willingness to engage in these relational maintenance behaviors, such as doing things for our partner or spending time with family. Doing things for our partner will benefit ourselves.
  8. Investing in the relationship: Connected to the dimension above, doing the work of relational maintenance makes us more invested in the relationship. This increase in investment means an increase in commitment.
  9. Accepting responsibility: The final dimension focuses on how much we accept the responsibility for the work of maintaining the relationship, and how much we perceive that work as a choice, or as a choice that we make of our own free will. Remember, these dimensions reflect the want to form of commitment, so we have to feel as if our actions are ones we want to take to maintain the relationship, as opposed to actions we feel we have to take or ought to take.

Based on what you’ve read in this module, what three pieces of advice about maintaining a positive relationship would you give to the following people?

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  1. A person who has recently become roommates with their best friend. The new roommates are experiencing some difficulty adjusting to their new living arrangements.
  2. A person who has been in a romantic relationship for six months. The couple has recently decided to become more serious, and have been considering marriage.
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