could u pleas check the file below if it is follow same steps

1. Text should be typed double-spaced, using 12-point font size, with 1” margins (top, bottom, sides).

2. The text should be 2-5 pages in length (not including the title page). 3.

All pages, except the title page must be numbered at the bottom, center.

Introduction (should be on protein I have choosen which is pax5 that cause leukemia )

Present background information on the protein of interest. Why is this protein of interest?


Show the protein sequence alignment of a minimum of three proteins. Create boxes around areas that show the highest degree of identity. Mark those sequences that constitute potential post-translational modification sites.

Name the type of post-translational modification predicted to occur (phosphorylation, methylation etc.) Mark those sequences that could be functional motifs or domains (nuclear localization sequence, leucine zipper).

Overall Assessment

Answer the following questions. What is the dominant biochemical activity or molecular interaction that your protein is predicted to carry out. Which sites on the protein contribute to the process directly? Which sites contribute indirectly? How does the biochemical activity or the molecular interactions relate to its biological and physiological function? What is expected to occur to the organism if the gene that generates the protein is inactivated?


Author, year, title, source, volume and page numbers. Websites Use the journal Biochemistry (American Chemical Society) format for references and citations.

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