Discussion 1:

  1. First, analyze key vignettes you observe that show ethnocentrism, racism, prestige hierarchy, peer groups, discrimination, and prejudice.
  2. Second, show the degree to which you believe these interactions are active in your own community and the large American community including racism, ethnocentrism, in-group focus, minority and dominant group, authoritarian personality, among other themes you find are important as related to the course reading.
  3. Third, are you a part of one of the groups highlighted in the movie and how would you react the same and differently than the characterizations in the movie?
  4. When analyzing and attempting to understand racial and ethnic conflict to what degree and how are the various social theories encountered in this course helpful? Note how Structural Functionalism, Conflict Perspective, and Symbolic Interaction can all be used in this analysis.

CO3, CO4, CO6

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