You have a choice of topics from which to choose. Please be sure to select only ONE prompt to answer in the form of an essay.

1. Why does the way our text describes and analyzes global stratification seem to be more of an economic system of stratification rather than a more generic social (e.g. age, population size, military strength, prestige etc.) system?

2. Go to an “ethnic” restaurant. Briefly describe the ethnicity of the restaurant and discuss how do you know what ethnicity the restaurant represents. What aspects of the restaurant are actually culturally part of the mainstream culture? Based on the comparison, just how “ethnic” is this restaurant?

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3. Does a society’s resources and economic structure influence gender stratification and gender roles? Please explain your answer and outline what you think to be the causal link between a society’s level of development and its level of technology and wealth with the social roles and relationships for men and women. (Connect using sociological terms covered in our book)

That being said, these topics are designed so that you can give a complete and comprehensive answer in 2 to 3 pages.

The key points to remember and include in your essay are as follows:

1. answer every part of the prompt.

2. use the sociological perspective in your answer rather than a simple personal response.

3. focus on connecting using the material we have covered in class in your answer.

4. make sure that your answer is using sociology accurately and consistently.

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