(a) Choose all 5 questions below.

(b) Maximum number of pages for each question is two and minimum number of page is one. Use page break to separate answers for each question.

(c) Submit through Moodle –TurnItIn link using Microsoft Word document style.

(d) Do not include your name, questions, and reference on your submitted document.(Your hit % will be higher.)

(e) APA format (12 point font size and double space).

(f) Use paraphrase, not bullet items.

Don’t copy from directly from resources please

1. (P. 30, Chapter 1, Exercises 12) List at least three strengths and three weaknesses of automated testing and manual testing.

2. (P. 49, Chapter 2, Exercises 9) Explain five kinds of program faults.

3. (P. 86, Chapter 3, Exercises 7) Discuss the importance of code review rework and validation.

4. (Chapter 4) Explain the principles of control flow testing. List two tools and compare their advantages and disadvantages used for this purpose?

5. (P. 134, Chapter 5, Exercise 8) Explain why the presence of data flow anomaly does not imply that execution of the program will definitely produce incorrect results.

Refer software testing book here https://bookshelf.vitalsource.com/#/

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