Choose 4 topics and provide one current statistic (from reliable, original, scientific sources) for each that is related to child and adolescent development. Choose topics from those listed here. (Most statistics that are older than 5 years are likely to be out of date.)

  • One of the four parenting types
  • Romantic relationships among teens
  • Social effects of preschool
  • Play and cognition
  • Infant emotions
  • Culture and play
  • Divorce
  • Blended families
  • Long-term effects of teenage substance use
  • The effect of family issues on emotional development
  • The effect of childhood friendships
  • Attachment
  • Temperament
  • Spanking
  • Mental or physical disabilities (yes, this is quite broad)
  • Effects of poverty on health, education, and welfare

At least one statistic is to be about people in a country other than the United States; at least one statistic is to be about young children and at least one about adolescents. (The additional one is your choice.)

Locate the statistical data from places other than the textbook and do not use .com, wiki, blog information or any other dubious source. Additionally, do not use sites like or Be sure to provide the source for each of your facts. Make sure your information is properly cited (within the body of the post) and referenced (at the end)! That is, every statistic must use the in-text citation and also be properly cited after your submission. As I have stated in the past, the easiest way to ensure proper format for your reference is to use the references in the back of the text as a model. You must pay strict attention to details.

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Explain how the statistics you report relate to child and adolescent development.

Please try to vary your information from what others have posted! And you may not use the same statistic as someone else. It is your responsibility to read through other posts, though if you approach the assignment randomly it shouldn’t be a problem.

Your final post should look something like the following, four times (note this one may be out of date):

By the age of 17, over 60% of boys and over 50% of girls in the United States report having had sexual intercourse (Cavazos-Rehg, 2009). On the surface this probably is not much of a problem; adolescents are physically ready for sex and it is a developmental imperative. However, physical (pregnancies and STDs) and emotional consequences may be lasting. [perhaps list some potential emotional consequences] .

Here is a complete, current example for adolescence that was announced this week:

Recently released data show that STD rates in California are rising. The rate of chlamydia infection is 552 cases per 100,000, an all-time high due to the increase of 9% last year (California Department of Public Health, 2018). Along with young adults, adolescents are the most vulnerable group and therefore need to take extra precautions. Chlamydia and other STDs can cause near and long term complications, including sterility and, in some cases, blindness and even death.

California Department of Public Health. (2018). Sexually transmitted diseases data. Sexually Transmitted Diseases Control Branch. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

Yes, that’s all you have to do. Brief is fine. You do not need to write a long explanation. Each entry should not be longer than 100 words.

And by the way, just a reminder, please never use “retrieved from” for a library reference. The only time it is used is for an online publication that does not have a doi and is only available at that site. The UN, the CDC, Departments of Health are the very few references that use “retrieved from.”

*Once again, please consult Purdue OWL (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. if you have questions regarding references.

Your statistics must be current! It is your responsibility to comb current research. If you write that the rate of children who attend school in Sub-Saharan Africa is 52% and I am able to find more current research that shows 80%, you will not earn full credit. In general, stick with very recent research and you will not have any issues.

If you need assistance finding something in particular, ask me and I will assist you. I am really good at finding particular pieces of research. Or begin a discussion thread and I will answer your question there.

To sum up:

Your complete post should be 4 paragraphs and then 4 references. Your paragraphs do not need to be super long. Just choose some information that you are interested in, and demonstrate that you know something about it and how it relates to development.

Please please please format your references properly! Look at the templates, use online resources, or (what I used to do) simply match exactly a similar reference in the text.

You can see from the rubric that the reference is a significant part of the grade. My goal is for you to have easy opportunities to earn points while also emphasizing a skill you will need to have if you continue your schooling in psychology, nursing, or a related field. Pay attention to details and it’s easy; copy-and-paste and you are likely (almost certainly) to earn fewer points. Here is how your responses will be graded for each of the 4 statistical categories:

(2 points) For the current statistic
(1 point) Connection to development
(2 points) Appropriate reference, properly formatted.

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