The word count distribution must include at least 350 words in response to each question. 1400 words total and 3 scholarly sources total. I wanted to address the “Real Time” requirement in the Case Summary section so that you don’t lose points unnecessarily. Here is a rule of thumb to work with: If the issue did not occur after January 2018, it should not feature in your case summary. This means your Case Summary essay should be an update of what has occurred over the past 12 months.

In addition, don’t quote scholarly journal articles in the Case Summary. Typically, scholarly journal articles will not be “real time.” Moreover, quoting scholarly journals in the Case Summary tends to make students stray into analysis and application, rather than remaining focused on summary. The scholarly journal references should be reserved for your analysis and application essays. References for the Case Summary section should be current online sources. RESEARCH: You need to cite at least three Scholarly Journal articles in addition to citing the course textbook.

Library research is required in the COMPLETE assignment of each unit. At least (2) of your citations must be from scholarly journal articles with references and must use citations from the downloaded book, Burns, L. R., Bradley, E. H., & Weiner, B. J. (2011). Shortell and Kaluzny’s Health Care Management: Organizational Design and Behavior (6th ed.).

Wikipedia, Wiki Answers,,, Yahoo Answers, eHow, Personal blogs, and other sources of that ilk are not credible for academic work. Quoting such sources as credible is strictly forbidden.

Finding Articles in EBSCO (Library Help)

Here are 2 links that should help you in finding articles in the library:

Ebsco-finding articles

Ebsco-in a minute

Read the Case Study on (pg.) 342-343 called Strategic Alliances in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry. Answer the following questions.

1.In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case.

2.What do you think are the possible major tensions that exist when a pharmaceutical firm forms an alliance with a biotechnology firm? How would you try to address those tensions?

3.Identify different challenges that exist for maintaining or strengthening an ongoing alliance versus beginning a new relationship. Should this alliance occur? Why or why not?

4.If you were a CEO of one of the organizations, what steps would you take to foster relationships?

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