Assignment Part 1

Assume that you work for a large agro-industrial enterprise (N&S Ltd.) that taps rubber latex that it uses to produce car tyres at one of its factories in Victoria. The company has a share capital of £3bn, and employs about 300 staff at the car tyre factory. Compared with similar companies in the sector, the overall performance of the car tyre factory has been poor over the last couple of years. The main issue has been that the strategic picture in the minds of top managers has been different from that of middle-level employees.

A study commissioned by the newly appointed General Manager at the car tyre factory found that 95% of the employees did not understand the organisation’s strategy or business plan. As a result, the decision has been taken by top management to consider the adoption of the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) tool, among other alternatives, with the hope of improving the overall business performance.

As the project manager working for the car tyre factory, you have been invited to advise top management on the following issues with respect to the BSC:

  • Business case for the adoption of a contemporary performance measurement system like the BSC.
  • The different elements of the business strategic plan and how these could be used by top management to drive the business performance of the car tyre factory.
  • How managers at the car tyre factory could develop and implement ‘BSC performance measures’ that are aligned to the organisational strategy of N&S Ltd

Make and state any necessary assumptions.

Assignment submission

The total word count should not exceed 3000 words including executive summary (excluding titles, reference list and appendices). Please state any assumptions you have made.

Assignment Part 2

Choose an industry and a specific product. You are a project manager in company Prostay Ltd. which manufactures the specific, named product you have chosen. The main business of your company is the manufacture of the named product which is distributed throughout the UK and Europe.

Your company’s factory is situated inside the Industrial Park of Triccky town in the UK and is close to three housing estates and a small village, which in total have a population of about 3000 people (See map below). River Antieuro passes directly alongside your factory site boundary. The river is a successful habitat for several kinds of fish, and supports a thriving local small-scale fishing industry. Your company’s factory has been in its present location for over 30 years and is a prime location because of the nearby road and rail networks which your company uses to transport its raw materials and finished products.

  • Prostay Ltd Factory


River Antieuro

In recent times, unusually heavy rains have caused the river to overflow its banks. This flooded your factory site and caused a large leak from your fuel storage tanks into the river. In the summer of 2018, an explosion in the factory spread toxic fumes to the surrounding residential areas and the fishing village. This has had serious health consequences (including a dramatic increase in respiratory diseases) on the local population for which your company is currently facing legal actions from various individuals and interest groups.

On the positive side, your company is struggling to meet the very huge increase in the demand for its products in other European Union countries. As a result, some of the company’s shareholders have proposed the extension of the factory and production facilities to take advantage of the growing demand and increase its market share. This extension will involve considerable new factory building works and the installation of new state of the art factory equipment as well as the upgrading of existing equipment. The equipment will be imported from other EU countries. It is envisaged that, as a result of the flooding and explosion incidents in recent times which adversely affected the local population, a significant section of the community might object to any extension of your factory facilities and expansion of your production activities.

Other shareholders have made different proposals including building another factory in Eastern Europe to meet the current demand.

You are required to carry out the following tasks:

  • Prepare a Need Verification for the proposed extension and expansion at your current site.
  • Assuming the board of directors of your company have approved the proposed extension and expansion project, identify the possible risks which can affect the project and prepare a quantitative assessment of the risks using an appropriate risk register
  • Prepare a disaster recovery plan against some possible hazards to your company’s operations. The plan must include 2 environmental hazards and 2 technological hazards. The format of your report should include a profile of the hazards as well as the contingency plan and the disaster response for each hazard.

(20 marks)

(40 marks)

(30 marks)

The total word count should not exceed 2000 words including executive summary (excluding titles, reference list and appendices). Please state any assumptions you have made.

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