instructions and question of the assignment is given below, this essay should be in 2000-2500 words. you have to give biblography too. you should include atleast references in biblography and with each reference you should give couple of statement explaining that what kind of data is included in those references

Video games have become one of the biggest entertainment industries on earth, but they still struggle to be taken seriously. Some people worry about the effects of violence in gaming, others worry about the anti-social nature of playing games. I don’t want to read essays about these concerns. In an essay, discuss some of the specific ways that video games are used in Education. This could include teaching young children to read or write, or it could include training pilots, surgeons, and soldiers. Video games can simulate scenarios and allow people to practice various skills in a safe, controlled environment. Focus on a few specific examples that interest you, and write about how video games can be used to help us teach and learn. What can games do in a classroom that other media cannot?

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