Our Industry is cosmetics and my company is Fenty Beauty( Found by Rihanna)

There are some details which we have to write in the strategy paper. And I also put our studied content in this term for helping and the sample paper.( Hint: The sample paper focus on their industry but I just need focus on my company which is Fenty Beauty. This whole paper is about my company Fenty Beauty.)

Background and High level Overview (2-3 pages)

—a: Company Chosen(Fenty Beauty); Industry that company is part of…

—b: Size, Growth Rate, Trends, Key Recent Events

—c: Key differentiation – what makes your company different – today?

—d: Key Opportunities & challenges in today’s marketplace

—e: Your “Vision” for your company’s success in the future…how will it succeed? —- Competitive advantage
Market Industry Analysis (3-4 pages)

—a: SWOT analysis —- Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats

—b: Competitive analysis (Porter): 1. Who are your current biggest competitor? 2. 5-factor review (or 4 E’s)

Customer Analysis: (2-3 pages)

a: Segmentation, Target Audience, and Positioning:

1. Who are your customers today?

2. How will they change in the next 5 years?

3.How or will your positioning change in the future?

b: Pricing & Distribution

1. How are you priced vs. your competition?

2. How will your distribution change? (Brick & Mortar? Online?)

c: New products or areas of concentration?

1. Based on your industry(cosmetics) review…

Measurement of your strategy’s future success:(1- page)

a: Factors of measurement (don’t need financials, just catagories)

Examples: Sales, New products, Margins, New markets (geographic?), New customer segments

b: Summary: (1-2 pages) 1. How will your company (Fenty beauty) be different in 5 years? (Competitive advantage…in the future)

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