In Exercise 3, we are going to analyze one secondary source: our textbook. The American Yawp is an innovative secondary source created by hundreds of historians as a free online textbook.

Each chapter was edited by one historian who put forth her interpretation of the past. In Chapter 17, the editor was the historian Lauren Brand. Based on her expertise and her judgments, she decided what the chapter’s main ideas or arguments were.

To complete this exercise:

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1) Read the entire Chapter 17 to get an overall sense not only of peoples, events, and themes, but also of the chapter’s main ideas.

2) Read the Handouts “What is an Argument” and the website on “How to Paraphrase.” This will make it easier to answer the questions below.

3) Chose 2 Sections from Section II to Section VIII (excluding the Introduction) that you find interesting to complete the assignment. (In the next page, you can find an example of the format).

4) Under your chosen Section’s title, include the questions below and your answers. Do the same for your chosen Section #2.

1. What is this section about?

2. Define two key terms found in the section.

3. Describe one historical example (or you can also focus on a primary source) used in this section. (3 sentence minimum)

4. State one of the author’s main argument in this section in your own words.

5. What do you think about the author’s argument above? (To answer, you may want to explain why you agree or disagree with it). (3 sentence minimum)

6. What information in this section makes you think this way about the author’s ideas?

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