For this assignment, please select one of the readings that we’ve discussed either in class or online and write a brief 2 to 3 page response in which you do the following:

  • Write an introduction and thesis that introduce the article, its author, and its argument, and express your agreement or disagreement with the author.
  • Briefly summarize the article’s content in one or two paragraphs, using quotes and examples from the text to illustrate the article’s argument.
  • Construct body paragraphs in which you articulate your agreement or disagreement with 2-3 of the author’s main points. Use quotes, examples, and statistics from the article to support your discussion.
  • Finish with a concluding paragraph that restates the thesis, revisits some of your main points, provides a call to action, and satisfactorily resolves the discussion.

Here is the articles:





*You can choice only two articles and write the response on them.

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