Biography Project Outline

You need to pick and research a person who is or was somehow instrumental and has made a contribution, either in a positive or negative way, in the history of alcohol.Some possible candidates could be Carry Nation, Eliot Ness, Al Capone, Adolphus Busch, or Dom Pérignon.Remember when deciding who to research choose a person who peaks your interest and raises your curiosity.

By choosing this person writing the biography can be an easy assignment especially once you have researched and read about the important parts of a person’s life. Try to find at least two sources for your information, so you can be sure it is correct. When I read your biography I should finish it with an understanding of why you wrote about your subject and what the individual contributed to the history of alcohol.

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While writing a biography can be a personal journey some items that I want covered are:

Explain what makes this person special or interesting to you and why you chose them

Date and place of birth (and death, if applicable)

Major achievements in the industry and what the effect these achievements had on the industry and/or the world? On other people?

What events shaped or changed this person’s life

Did he or she overcome obstacles? Take risks? Get lucky?

Other items that can be included and that you find interesting and pertinent are:


Work facts

Family life

Would the world be better or worse if this person hadn’t lived? How and why?

Try to include compelling moments, noteworthy achievements, and interesting anecdotes

When writing this paper PLEASE DO NOT simply list the categories from above and in a heading format and then write about it.

Example of WHAT NO TO DO:

oLIST: Date and place of birth: THEN

§Give details about.

I am looking for the paper to flow in a cohesive style.

All papers must be:

3-5 pages in length

Typed and doubled spaced using a 12 point font

Utilize a clear and logical organization approach

Be accurate in spelling and grammar

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