Create an essay of 500 words, describing the development of industry, business, and labor after the American Civil War. Address the following:  

  1. Discuss several of the industries of America’s Industrial Revolution in the post-Civil War period. 
  2. What made these leaders of industry successful?
  3. Explain the origins and growth of labor unions. 
  4. What did Labor Unions accomplish?

Use a minimum of three of the sources provided to support your assignment and be sure to cite the sources.

 Class RESOURCE for Topic 4

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For the Topic 4 assignment, you will be discussing the development of America’s national economy; the transition of America’s economy from a regional to a national economy, the role of Henry Clay’s American system, and post-Civil War westward expansion and the significance of the railroad. These resources will help you discuss the influences and details of the development of the American economy:

 Knights of Labor Constitution of 1878

Read “Knights of Labor Constitution of 1878,” from Knights of Labor Constitution of 1878 (2009).

AFL-CIO Labor History Timeline

Explore the AFL-CIO Labor History Timeline on the AFL-CIO website.

 Classic Senate Speeches: Henry Clay: In Defense of the American System

Read “Classic Senate Speeches: Henry Clay: In Defense of the American System” on the U.S. Senate website.
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