THE FOUR STAGES OF LABOR with PHASES of EACH; include durations, descriptions, physical changes; nursing care in each



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  1. Create a teaching brochure on assigned Maternal Newborn topic.
  2. The brochure should be colorful and include definition, description, purpose, procedure, and possible complications for the assigned topic.
  3. If your topic is a test or procedure, include why it is done, when during the pregnancy it is performed, and what follow-up is indicated if results are not within normal limits. If it is a condition, include causes, risks, and treatment.
  4. BROCHURE MUST BE SUITABLE FOR USE IN PRESENTATION OF YOUR TOPIC TO YOUR PEERS; this is NOT a teaching brochure for pregnant women.
  5. A Reference List is required. Minimum references: 2, one of which must be your textbooks.  NO BLOGS or EDITORIALS.  Use professional journal articles.
  6. You MUST USE APA format for all References, including Web sites.
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