The Game Hurkle

This week’s project is based on the game “Hurkle”. There are many variations of this game, and the version you will work on for your project is a one-dimensional version of it. The Hurkle is an imaginary creature that hides somewhere in a one-dimensional 1×10 integer game-space. Each time the game is run, the program places the Hurkle at a random position (0 through 10) in the game-and the player has a maximum of three (3) guesses to guess the Hurkle s location. The Hurkle does not move during the game. If the player finds the Hurkle, the program reports success and ends. If the player does not find the Hurkle the program gives a hint about what direction to move to find the Hurkle. There are two possible hints: right, or left.

The given version of the program is a console-based version (meaning the inputs and outputs happen on the console display). Run this code for the game Hurkle to see how it executes. It works well in the console but your job is to convert it for running in SWING with more graphical feedback for the user.You job is to experiment with the given code, and then adapt it by incorporating SWING features, such that the inputs and outputs will be more GUI-oriented, rather than console oriented. We’ve used SWING features in several programs already (in the lectures) and earlier project assignments, so you may want to review your textbook reading and the code examples in the week that use SWING.

Have fun, and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

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