It is 4 parts i have already done the first 3 parts and need u to do the other one

U will find the three parts on the file below. Do the 4th part based on them.

Here the instructions of the 4th part:

Part four of the research proposal project will require that you settle on a methodological approach. Remember, you will be collecting Data (or information about the real world) that addresses your research hypothesis. You have at this point, operationalized your concepts, which means you have an understanding of what about the real world you are actually intending to measure or study. Selection of a methodology is your effort to determine howyou will study the real world.


1. Select a research methodology, (quantitative or qualitative). There are many different methodologies to choose from, so my suggestion is to select that research method that will best allow you to explore your research hypothesis. I would like to see the details associated with the deployment of your chosen methodology. If you plan to use a survey questionnaire (for example), you should describe the subjects of study (who you plan to administer the survey to), and how you plan to administer the survey. If you plan to use a form of content analysis (for example), you should discuss the type of sources you will be sampling, and how are you plan to identify or code relevant data. Be sure to provide as much detail as possible when describing your methodological approach.

2. Defend your choice. You should discuss why you have chosen the methodology you have selected. Talk about the benefits of the methodology you have chosen, and briefly discuss why it is a better choice for your research hypothesis when compared to other similar methodologies. I want to see that you understand the limitations of the methodology you have chosen.


  • Consider the ethical dimensions of your selected methodology. Think about how human subjects (if applicable) will be treated.
  • Be sure to consider your approach to sampling the population, subjects of study or data sources you plan to use in your study.
  • Be sure to consider contextual issues, like time and location related to the subjects of study.
  • Be sure to consider issues of validity (making sure that the methodology you have chosen allows you to actually measure that which you intend to measure).
  • Be sure to consider that the methodology you have chosen allows you to collect and analyze your data within a reasonable time frame.
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