Read two articles and finish two draft in different date. Rough draft on Nov 6th,and final draft on Nov 13. I need the first draft on 11/06.

Pleas follow the requirment and do not use any resource from other places. The quotes can only from these two articles.

paragraph 1: Introduction( summaries of these three article)

Body part:

Paragraph 2: Thesis 1+ quote 1 from ” who holds the clicker?”+quote 2 from “The Meme Machine”

Paragraph 3: Thesis 2+ quote 3 from ” who holds the clicker?”+quote 4 from “The Meme Machine”

Paragraph 4: Thesis 3+ quote 5 from ” who holds the clicker?”+quote 6 from “The Meme Machine”


Paragraph 5: conclusion…

” who holds the clicker?”

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