DJCA 100

Justice and Civic Life Spring 2019

Oral Presentation

This is a commemorative presentation. You will pay tribute to a person, group, place/ institution, monument or event, which you feel greatly influenced one of the following ‘movements’:

  1. a) Women’s Rights Movement (1960s and 70s – and arguably continuing today); or
  2. b) Civil Rights Movement (1950s and 60s – and arguably continuing today).

Commemorative speaking pays tribute and brings accolades to the subject. This is not a biography or historical documentary. You must use all proper conventions of public speaking, including a speaking outline, verbal and nonverbal techniques, and all elements of introduction, main points, and conclusion. The presentation will last 5 minutes. Submit your outline, presentation slides (PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi), and a video recording of the presentation (which will be completed in-class during your presentation) to Canvas for assessment using the Dialogues of Learning Oral Communication Grading Rubric.

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