As stated on the syllabus, each student will do 2 “two minute” speeches this term. This is an informative speech, the student will explain an international news article form The Economist. The speech will be due on Wednesday February 27,2019.

An outline of the speech is required. Please follow the following format for the outline. The speech is worth 100 points and 10% of your final grade. The outline is due at the time of the speech and no late outlines will be accepted.

POL 100 Fall 2018

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Oral Presentation Outline

Please Note: During the term each student will be assigned 2 “Two Minute Speeches.”Before each speech each student will be required to turn in the following.

Topic of the Speech:

Opening Statement:

Three Main Points:

Concluding Statement:


*I am an international student and my first language is not English. Please do not use strong grammar*

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