• Types of Natural Disasters


    When faced with a natural disaster, emergency management officials activate the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and retrieve the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) to direct the response. In this discussion, you will apply your knowledge of disaster planning and explain how an EOP would be used to respond to a natural disaster.


    1. Use your natural disaster type and description from the Unit 3 discussion.(Thunderstorms)
    2. Locate an EOP from your own state or use one of the EOPs from the Unit 3 discussion. Note: if you use one of the sample EOPs from the discussion, make sure your chosen EOP addresses the type of natural disaster that you will focus on.(Dallas,TX)
    3. Review your chosen EOP and include the following in your main post:
      • List the natural disaster and description statement.
      • Describe how well the EOP address the response considerations for your chosen natural disaster.
      • Provide examples of major areas within the EOP (ESF or annexes) that would help coordinate the response and explain how the sections would be used.
      • Identify any gaps in the EOP.
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