Mr. Y is a 47 year old, mixed race [Asian/African ethnicity], male patient who presented to your office with severe right great toe pain. ÿOnset of the pain was 2 days ago. ÿMr. Y denies any known trauma to his right foot or his great toe on that foot. ÿHis right great toe is red and became so swollen in the last day that he cannot put on his shoe.Mr. Y has a history of hypertension for which he is taking HCTZ 25mg daily, Metopralol 50 mg twice daily, and Lisinopril 10 mg daily. ÿHe denies any other medical problems.Results of the lab tests that were ordered:Sed rate ? 93; Glucose, random ? 117 mg/dl; Hgb – 13.4 gm/dl; WBC ? 8200/ccm with normal diff; Serum uric acid ? 10.9 mg/dl; Serum creatinine ? 1.2 mg/dlAssignment QuestionsBased on presenting symptoms and lab findings, what is most likely diagnosis that will be made for Mr. Y?What is the anticipated pharmacologic plan for managing Mr. Y?s acute pain? ÿProvide a justification for the plan including a citation from a peer-reviewed source.What is the anticipated pharmacologic plan for long-term management of Mr. Y?s diagnosis? ÿProvide a justification for the plan including a citation from a peer-reviewed source.Identify the key elements of the education plan that would be appropriate for the patient about the acute and chronic pharmacologic plans you identified above.InstructionsPrepare and submit a 3-4 page paper [total] in length (not including APA format).Answer all the questions above.Support your position with examples.Please review the rubric to ensure that your assignment meets criteria.Submit the following documents to the Submit Assignments/Assessments area:Case Study: Acute Joint InflammationTopic 2: Rheumatoid Arthr

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