I need a 4-5 page paper on the movie Wall-E.

this thesis below needs to be used


Throughout the main storyline of WALL-E, symbols or representations of a vast dystopian society are shown, which is a leading theme and reoccurring image.

Unit 1: Visual Analysis Essay Prompt The purpose of this essay is to create a thesis in which you identify a topic or theme in one​ of the assigned films for our unit on “dystopianism” and use scene analysis, dialogue analysis, character analysis, and research to support your thesis statement. Again, the ​focus​ should be one topic in one of the films. One of your aims should be to discuss in the paper the ​social commentary​ the film provides. Secondly, you should incorporate key terms from class lectures throughout the paper to facilitate your argument. The conclusion should present a “relevancy statement” as it relates to the topic in a present day and futural context.

Some ​questions to consider​:

What social commentary does the film provide? Related, what argument for/against an issue is it making? How, exactly, does it do this?

How does the film begin? What is its climax? How does it end?

Do any of the characters experience a change or transformation within the framework of your chosen topic?

What motifs are used in the film?

How is meaning established in the film? What rhetorical appeals are used to facilitate such meaning?

What is the historical context?

What are the character representations? What are their motivations? What is at stake?


1) Your analysis ​must​ connect your chosen film to a broader cultural issue/social commentary

2) This is an ​analysis​ essay using terms and tools from our reading on visual literacy—​not ​a review

Paper Requirements:

● 4-5 pages in length (double-spaced) ● 1 peer-reviewed source, 1 popular source (things from .com, .edu, .gov sites)



● Have proper MLA formatting: typed, double-spaced, 12pt. font, margins should not exceed 1 inch (top and bottom as well as side), include a heading, title, and page numbered.

● Also, follow class instructions: use of direct quotes and quote analysis, include key terms from class, scene analysis, etc.

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