There are hundreds of articles discussing different aspects of the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal, which came to public attention in the US in late 2015. Please limit yourself to the below 3 articles and one case analysis of the situation, which span from 2015 to more recent related events. Please note that Porsche and Audi are units of Volkswagen. The timeline of events should become clear in reading the articles.……

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Question 1.

We see the influence of corporate culture, specifically leadership and organizational values, in the VW case as well as the mid-term’s uber case. While the VW and uber cases are very different in some regards, there are also some similarities. Name and outline some similarities between the two companies that contributed to their being ethically-challenged. Also note a few distinct differences between VW and uber.

Question 2.

Identify several of VW’s relevant stakeholder groups (including various governments and levels of government) and describe how each was impacted by the scandal. While we will likely never know for sure, did any stakeholders possibly/likely contribute to the scandal?

Question 3.

What are some implicit biases about German culture, corporate governance, and engineering capabilities that contributed to the diesel emission scandal being undetected for such a long period of time. Be specific in linking VW’s corporate governance and engineering to your answer. Why do you think the ‘faulty’ technology was detected in the US?

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