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Directions: Please answer BOTH of the questions and respond to a minimum of two of your classmates.

Question A

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Describe a WAN. How does it differ from a LAN and what are the major benefits and downfalls of a WAN?

Question B

Research a unique news story or article related to Information Technology. If you go this route, please tie it back to networking specific topics. Post a summary of what you learned to the discussion thread, please also provide a link to the original article. Source is your choice; however please fully cite your source.

Respond to the following:


Question A:

A WAN (wide area network) is a network that covers a much larger area than a typical small business that would utilize a LAN. A WAN utilizes multiple LANS in order to create a WAN link. A benefit of a WAN is that it can allow for network locations over large geographic distances. For example, a business that has multiple locations across the country would benefit by creating a WAN from the necessary LANS, routers, and network setups to create this link. With, WAN will have a couple drawbacks. For one, a WAN is unlikely to perform as fast as a LAN. Along with this, a WAN is more expensive to setup.


Cisco & Cisco Router, Network Switch (2014). What Makes LAN Different from WAN? Retrieved from

Question B:

My article was about how the LabCorp lab processing conglomerate recently detected suspicious activity on their networks. This caused several systems shuts downs which caused delays and outages. Though the issue has since been resolved, it calls into mind the importance of network security within the medical field. The article referenced a LA hospital in 2016 that paid thousands of dollars in ransom money due to a ransomware attack. It’s important to consider the incredibly important data that is contained within these systems. Along with this, many hospitals require strong network security to effectively care for patients. This makes network security incredibly paramount within these organizations.


Rogers, James (2018). LabCorp finds ‘suspicious activity’ on its IT network. Retrieved from

Respond to the following:


Question A:

A WAN or Wide Area Network is a network connection of computers over a large area such as a city, state or country. A LAN or Local Area Network is network connection of computers that are generally small and used mostly in homes, business, or a school. A collection of LAN’s will make up a WAN. The internet is another example of a Wide Area Network. LAN’s are generally faster and are more secure, but WANs allow access to more information as they cover a much larger area.

Question B:

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