Week 6 Assignment

Web Analytics – Using KPI’s

For this assignment, we are going to look at KPI’s and how the fit into the new world of web analytics and understand their importance and value to an organization’s website.

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For this assignment, complete the following:

Additional Readings in Lesson Week 6
Use of KPIs in web analytics.pdf
KPI Sample-Report.pdf

Assignment Scenario: You are the web analytics professional for a Fortune 500 company and your company has a Facebook Business Page. You just received the KPI summary for the Facebook account activity. What are these numbers telling you, is the Facebook account working for your company? Please answer the following:

  • Review the Facebook Management Report located in the KPI Sample-Report.pdf (page 8) to answer this assignment.
  • Analyze the data from the Facebook Management Report
  • Explain the metrics is your company doing well or not and why?
  • Should your company maintain the Facebook account and should anything be changed to boost Fan Posts?

Please submit a Word Doc with your answers, in 500 words or more, and use references in support of your answers. Be sure to place your Name and Class on your submission, for example:

Smith, John
WEDB222 I001 Fall 12

Week 6 Assignment Grading Rubric – Using KPIs

Graded Task


Student reviewed the supplied KPI regarding the Facebook Management Report page 8 and based comments upon these metrics


Student analyzed the data metrics from the sample KPI report from the Facebook Management Report


Student explained the metrics to determine if the organization is doing well or poorly


Student provided comments in support of a recommendation whether or not the Facebook account should be changed or dropped


Student provided a paper with a minimum of 500 words or more


Student submitted a word document


Late penalty -10 points per day max -20 points

Grammar and spelling errors -1 point each

Student used APA formatted references and in-text citations
to support comments and points of view. -10



Please use APA formatting and in text cititation

Please No Plagiarism

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