Respond by Day 5 to two colleagues by suggesting other steps to improve department- wide communication. Respond to Darrel as if you are having a conversation. Ask a question


As a captain (for scenario purposes) of the police department, I can recall several occasions that if, problems were communicated properly, would have benefited from effectively communicating and community policing methods to address crime or suspected criminal activity. In neighborhoods with high burglary rates if the problem can be identified there should be efforts made to address crimes of the above-listed type. Once identified if the proper parties, i.e., stakeholders, department heads, the public, and others involved would have implemented changes that could have helped addressed burglary issues as during, or after they occur. Now the same department has hired a new C.E.O., and he is putting his best foot forward to address the lack of communication that exists within the department. As captain of the department, I have been assigned the task of providing recommendations about how to improve communication practices within the department. Recommendations to improve the department include conducting monthly individual meetings between members of the department, another between the department and stakeholders, and a final meeting that would include all parties with interest in the department. Another way to improve communication within the department would be to address issues that exist as it pertains to internal communication. To do so the formal organization of the department must be respected and known by all involved parties. Doing so can help ensure that communicating can occur effectively and efficiently. Another way to improve communication is for the Chief to collaborate and coordinate with all levels to ensure that each level has the same information.

About the above-addressed recommendations, when comparing them to common practices in the field the processes are extremely similar. The chain of command must be established and the chief must be willing to coordinate and collaborate at all levels to ensure that messages can or will properly flow within and outside of the department. Proper identification of the chain of command can ensure that a “free and open channels which will permit effective exchange of ideas and information within a department” (Kenny, 1956, pg. 553). The chief must exemplify high moral and ethical values to eliminate fears that employees may have that could cause communication efforts to stall. Overall the above recommendations are suitable and adhere to standards associated with improving communication within police departments.

Kenny, P. J., (1956). Internal Police Communications. Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology. Vol. 46. (4). 547 -553. Retrieved From,, on April 30, 2019


Darrel Elese Hicks

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