Ethical Dilemma in Healthcare: Case Study 2Ethical Dilemma in Healthcare; Case Study 2The selected case study is case study 2 of the 57-year-old man diagnosed with motor neuron disease 2 years ago. In order to make the appropriate decision in this presenting case, it is important to carry out a diagnosis in order to determine the stage of the condition. Electromyogram, muscle biopsy and MRI could be carried out on the patient (Jaworska, 2017). A diagnosis for dementia condition should also be carried out in order to establish whether the patient can be allowed to make sound decisions. The diagnostic tests will therefore play a key role in informing the next steps to be taken to address the presenting situation.In the case where the patient may be diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, the most immediate family member, in this case, the wife would have the authority to make decisions on behalf of the patient. It is also important that the beneficence and non-maleficence is adhered to so as tocontain and manage the patient condition (Dharmadasa, et al. 2017). The home could be assessed and the benefits that the patient with attain by staying at home as compared to the risks will also be compared with those in the hospice is as requested by the patient.The patient and the wife should also be educated concerning the presenting health condition. the patient should be made to understand that the symptoms can be managed so as to prolong their lives and making them comfortable. The patient should also be made to know that they still have an option of living longer and a comfortable life (Smebye, Kirkevold, & Engedal, 2016). This may help the patient to change their mind concerning the type of treatment they would select. Discussing this situation in the presence of both the wife and the patient would ensure that all aspects are considered in order to provide the optimal health care to the patient.ReferencesDharmadasa, T., Henderson, R. D., Talman, P. S., Macdonell, R. A., Mathers, S., Schultz, D. W., … & Kiernan, M. C. (2017). Motor neurone disease: progress and challenges. Medical Journal of Australia, 206(8), 357-362.Jaworska, A. (2017). Ethical dilemmas in neurodegenerative disease: Respecting patients at the. Neuroethics: Anticipating the future, 274.Smebye, K. L., Kirkevold, M., & Engedal, K. (2016). Ethical dilemmas concerning autonomy when persons with dementia wish to live at home: a qualitative, hermeneutic study. BMC health services research, 16, 21.

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