Read the Article: Why Verbal Tee-Ups Like “To Be Honest” Often Signal Insincerity. By Elizabeth Bernstein, WSJ

Issue to address:

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  • What are tee-ups?
  • Identify and describe an incident that you used tee-ups when communicating with your group member. Why did you use tee-ups?
  • Identify and describe an incident that your group member used tee-ups when s/he communicated with you. Why did s/he use tee-ups?
  • Was the communication effective in each of the two incidents above? What were the impacts on your group as a whole due to each of the two incidents?
  • Do you think women are more likely to use tee-ups than men? Why or Why not?


  • At least two current journal articles are required to address the last question. Search for journal articles regarding gender and communication. No on-line resources (e.g., .com, org., or .edu.); No books; No more than two citations or quotes from your textbook.
  • Two to three pages, double-spaced, in APA format, plus your reference page.
  • Submit your document to Turnitin, as instructed in the Week 2 Module.
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