Note: If APA format isn’t present it would be withdrawn

  1. Identify a contemporary police strategy( please remember to use a police strategy and not a police style as they are different) utilized to combat a negative trend or current problem, you can choose one (1) strategy(please just focus on one strategy)from Activity 5.1, to analyze. In a well written, APA formatted, 3-5 page paper, address the following:Trace the roots of the contemporary strategy,
    1. Identity which constitutional amendments provide the police the powers to conduct the strategy,
    2. Discuss at least 3 core police practices that have changed as a result of the new strategy,
    3. What impact demographics or ethic or community relations might have on the strategy,
    4. In your opinion, project out 3 – 5 years from now how the strategy might evolve and why
    1. NOTE: pick one out of the problem in the powerpoint uploaded below
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